Connecting Families

Bringing Gippsland Families together

Interchange Gippsland registered families are welcome to join our Connecting Families activities. This gives you the chance to expand your support network and meet with other people who have similar experiences. Our Connecting Families program consists of a wide range of social support activities that are designed to include the whole family. Our aim is to connect people across the Gippsland community and at the same time provide respite and access to fun and relaxing activities as a means of support to your family.

We offer a range of Connecting Families activities throughout the year including:

  • Christmas Party
  • Mothers Retreat
  • Father’s Retreat
  • Sibling Camp
  • Family Camp (including Aboriginal Family Camp)
  • Family days

Host Volunteer Program

Making Friends and Engaging with your Community

Our Host Volunteer program provides a dedicated volunteer who can take care of your child with a disability on a regular basis. Our Host Volunteer program gives you and your family a chance to have regular, planned breaks from the fulltime care of your child. Spending time with one of our host volunteers opens opportunities to your child to make new friends, engage with your community and furthers social interactions.

How does the host volunteer program work?

We carefully match a host volunteer with your child with a disability, who will spend time with your child on a regular basis.  Periods of care are flexible and discussed between yourself / your family and the volunteer to suit both of your needs. This could be once a month or more and can last from a few hours up to a full weekend including a sleepover.

Where does the program take place?

Depending on the host match the care can either occur in the child’s home, the Host’s home or in the community.

Who is eligible for the Host Volunteer program?

To be eligible to register with the Host program, the person must have a diagnosed disability, be under 18 years old, reside in Gippsl and and be registered with Interchange Gippsl and.

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