Early Childhood (0 - 4 Years)

One to One

Help with day to day activities, self care and getting out in the community

We offer support for children with a disability between the ages of 0 to 4 years old.  Based on your child’s needs, we match your child with a Community Access Worker on a one to one basis.

Your worker can support your child at your own home or out and about in the community.

Support can range from a few hours each day, week or 24 hour care. Your worker will work closely with you and your child to provide just the right amount of support to help your child become more independent at home and included in your community.

The types of support we provide includes: going out in the community,
doing fun activities, developing life skills in your home and in the community, and support going to appointments.

Coordination of Supports

We can help coordinate your supports

We know that finding and coordinating the services you need to help your child achieve their goals can be overwhelming. We can help you with the preparation and development of your child’s NDIS plan, use the allocated support budget and identify services and activity programs that provide your child with the help he/she needs.

We support you to:

  • Identify options for service providers
  • Choose between options or providers
  • Work out the services to be provided and their prices.
  • Develop service agreements and create service bookings with chosen providers
  • Work out agreed services and prices as part of any quotable supports
  • Arrange any assessments needed to work out the type of funding required
  • Decide the budget for each support type and talk to the plan manager about the breakdown funds
  • Talk with the plan manager to create the claim categories and the correct amount of funds
  • Link to other services (i.e. housing, education, transport, health)
  • Build your capacity to coordinate, self-direct and manage supports.
  • Resolve issues that arise

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