‘The mothers retreat was desperately needed. My child is 3 1/2 years old, but I have not had one night away and without this I probably would never get to.  I talked to my family and they have helped me out to enable me to attend Mothers Retreat.  I cannot explain how much I have benefited from the retreat.  I’ve had showers by myself in peace, not been hit, punched or bitten for three whole days.  I have been able to eat what I want and I have not had to accommodate multiple food intolerances.  I have had a full nights sleep.  Not being woken multiple times through out the night has been amazing.  I have not had to ‘fight’ to get my child dressed, fed or to get in a car.  I’ve had a peaceful couple of days without the screaming or tantrums.  I has the opportunity to go shopping and purchase clothes for myself,  which is nearly impossible to do while caring for my daughter.  Thank you! I hope Mother’s Retreat is available to many more women who feel as isolated, exhausted and drained as I do.  This is an awesome service!’


‘I am so very grateful for this break and the positive impact that this has already had on my mental health.’


‘The staff are easy to talk to and professional and caring.’


‘I could not be happier with the range of programs.’


‘The activities cater to the needs of the children and are really good.’


‘The activities are fantastic – we are always asked for our feedback and it is implemented.’


‘The activities cater to the needs of the children and are really good.’