Recreation Volunteers


Recreations volunteers can be a young person or an adult, anyone who is 14 years of age and over.  As a recreation volunteer you do not have to have any prior experience with people with disabilities, you just need to have the availability and the enthusiasm to provide peer support and participate in the activities whether it be on a day trip, camps or special event.


Recreation volunteers support and enjoy the company of young people with disabilities on day trips, special events, camps or an outing within the community.    Recreation volunteers provide peer support and assistance, leading by example and encourage the participant to enjoy and get involved in an activity.  Recreation volunteers have an important role in enhancing the social inclusion of people with disabilities and connecting individuals with the community.


Some examples of the different activities you might participate in as a volunteer include, trips to the snow, trips to the football, horse riding, circus workshops, art days, paint balling, learning to surf, attending the theater or just simply hanging out and having fun.