Start your career with Interchange Gippsland today.  Disability is the fastest growing industry sector.  To apply for a role with Interchange Gippsland you must submit your application through our on line portal.  This can be completed through ‘Applying for a Position’.  All available positions are listed under the page ‘Current Vacancies’.

Screening of staff and volunteers

Interchange Gippsland is a ‘Child Safe’ organisation. We are committed to the safety and well being of all people accessing our service and support the rights of the child and vulnerable people. We will act without hesitation to ensure that a child safe environment is maintained at all times. We adhere to Child Safe standards in the development and production of all our promotional material and newsletters, recruitment documents (including advertisements and application forms) and in electronic communication media involving our internet, intranet and social media pages. All employees and volunteers on all our program must have satisfactorily completed the screening.