Vision, Mission, Values


An inclusive community where all people with a disability are treated with dignity and respect and have their individual needs met.



Interchange Gippsland creates opportunities for people with a disability within our community.



  • Empowerment: Individuals and families feel EMPOWERED to determine their own needs. Our staff will be guided by the individual and the families’ self directed preferences.
  • Quality: We aim to deliver a high QUALITY service by being innovative, flexible and creative in meeting individual and family needs.
  • Responsive: We work towards delivering a planned service that is RESPONSIVE to the unique needs of the individual and the families’.
  • Respect: We treat participants, staff and volunteers with dignity and RESPECT.
  • Non-Judgemental: We practice an attitude of NON-JUDGEMENT and a positive approach in working with individuals, families, staff and volunteers.
  • Accessibility: We work towards linking individuals and families into services that are ACCESSIBLE and best compliment their strengths and requirements.
  • Diversity: We acknowledge and recognise DIVERSITY in our community and work to ensure that no one is discriminated against in any way.


Download the Strategic Plan Poster 2015 – 2018