Strategic Plan

Interchange Gippsland is governed by a Board of Management of whom 60% must care for a person with a disability. The Board’s role is to provide leadership and set the strategic direction of the organisation. This includes approving, reviewing and monitoring the proposed strategy. In addition the Board is responsible to ensure that Interchange Gippsland complies with relevant legislation and regulations.

The development of this strategic plan has been a collaborative approach. A number of consultations, focus groups and surveys have occurred with stakeholders, including the Department of Health and Human Services, participants, carers, the Board, staff and volunteers. These consultations, along with the planning day, have informed the development of this three year strategic plan.


Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

To review current programs and identify areas for expansion


  1. Maintain quality of current programs
  2. Provide the same suite of services across the Gippsland Region
  3. Assist people with a disability to access supported accommodation in their community
  4. Provide access to early intervention services to children under 10 years with a disability
  5. Expand the organisation

Goal 2

To identify social enterprise opportunities


  1. Provide access to employment services for people with a disability
  2. Embark on business opportunities that may provide an income to Interchange Gippsland

Goal 3

Increase the profile of Interchange Gippsland as a leading disability service provider


  1. Promote and market Interchange Gippsland as a leader in disability service provision.

Goal 4

To ensure that the resources and staffing promote Interchange Gippsland as a leading provider of disability services in Gippsland


  1. Ensure resources support the service provision


Download Interchange Gippsland’s strategic plan here